Y’all make sure you don’t have the max amount of accounts attached to your number on Twatter. I can’t unlock mine even with the number attached to the account.

The tea is hot tonight. I don’t even think I know the dude, but I’m there for it.

I got followed by a sex bot. I feel right at home now.

This is better than Twatter. Don’t toot me.

I can actually see gifs on the app. Was just a blur before.

Not gonna lie. The stars are giving me hella nostalgia.

Bienvenido a los juegos de hambre cabronés.

Okay. I can’t figure out how to log into any of the apps. What even..

Holy shit. 500 characters. An RPers wet dream.

I just followed someone back and I really hope it’s a fellow tweeter. 👀

I actually have a TL now. Hey, y’all, hey.


All the news that's fit to toot.