@QueenBITCH I googled the issue and it looks like a lot of people have the same problem and say it’s a bug. I’m salty af though. What’s the point of having your number there and not being able to use it...

@Naughty You can have up to ten. I can’t unlock my account with the number attached though. Only the Twatter gods know why.

Y’all make sure you don’t have the max amount of accounts attached to your number on Twatter. I can’t unlock mine even with the number attached to the account.

The tea is hot tonight. I don’t even think I know the dude, but I’m there for it.

I got followed by a sex bot. I feel right at home now.

This is better than Twatter. Don’t toot me.

I can actually see gifs on the app. Was just a blur before.

Not gonna lie. The stars are giving me hella nostalgia.

Bienvenido a los juegos de hambre cabronés.

You just found everything you’ve been looking for and more, @BrazenDaredevil. {blowing a kiss his way.}

@PARASOMNIAC @MaliciousMamba Thanks, y’all. 💕 I got into the Mast one, let me try the other again.

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