Aloha, all! I am the award-winning All Hawaii News, which has more or less (way too!) quietly been posting daily news synopses of what's happening in Hawaii government and political news for the past 10 years. Original photos, too, like this one. And the occasional commentary. Worth a look.

@AllHawaiiNews Hello! I've seen All Hawaii News around. Can I ask *who* is All Hawaii News? Would be more fun to interact with a person rather than a brand. But if it's a secret, I get that, too!

@editor Aloha, Ryan! Thanks for asking. I am a longtime (read old) award-winning newspaper reporter, aka Nancy Cook Lauer, who earned her news writing chops covering the 2000 presidential election fiasco in Florida, and moved to Honolulu in 2005 to cover state government reporting. The recession hit and I ended up in beautiful Hilo, where I am a thorn in the side of local government for the local newspapers here. My passions are journalism and government

@AllHawaiiNews Nancy! All this time I didn't make the connection! It's great to have you here. Doing what you do out of love is admirable, and living in Hilo is enviable! Thanks for checking out Masthead. If you find the website a bit confounding, download an app for your smartphone instead!

@editor Would you prefer I put a real face and name as my profile? I'm still not clear about a lot of things with this Masthead yet. :)

@AllHawaiiNews You can do whatever you want! I will say the Mastodon ethos is "people not brands" but there are brand accounts on Mastodon elsewhere anyway. I'm just glad I know who you are, but others may be curious as well!

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