From now on I’ll be archiving as much data as possible on Tory corruption, outright lies and deceit here as .pdf archives from @ThreadReader >>>>

If you spot any threads I miss, let me know…

Utter disappointment Kier Starmer ripped a new one.

How on earth has @UKLabour manoeuvred itself into being further right than Sunak, ffs?

When Tory donors say ‘jump!’ Johnson only asks ‘how high’?

How on earth can a “charity” front offer prizes bigger than the actual amount spent on tickets anyway?

Corporate socialism writ large — taxpayers subsidise property ownership all but ensuring housing becomes even less affordable.

Why not make renting more secure instead?

The biggest two fingered salute yet to those courageous frontline staff who put everything on the line to protect Britain.

Tories really are lower than vermin

Dawkins wept!

No, teachers do not have to sacrifice themselves just because Johnson fucked up his response to the SARSCoV2🦠 pandemic and keeps on fucking it up!

From April last year, a full four months into the pandemic.

Why do you bother lying @MattHancock? Surely you can’t be that thick?

SARSCoV2🦠 will keep on mutating as long as its allowed free access to human hosts.

Given its easy to break the chain of transmission, going is the only logical response.

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