So the current story is that the 20k National Guard is going to be surrounding the Dems on inauguration day and then start arresting them? Lolol!! That would be unbelievably good TV. Italian govt will collapse in 24 hrs.

20k national guardsman arresting congressmen is actually not that far out of the bounds that Abe Lincoln set.

RT Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
The FBI just arrested a CNN guest for inciting violence and rioting at the Capitol #FBI

Full-List of bots:

Anyone in the Placerville, California area, this looks like a good place to support

The M5M-achine gun has been used against the slaves for decades, and here we are.

TWTR didn't tank. It's because getting rid of 10s of thousands of conservative voices is actually good for it's real target: Chinese users.

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