Heard Monads is down for the time being. My heart goes out to the extended Monads crew.

FROM SPAIN & MEXICO: Remedios Varo was one of the few female surrealist artists, & it often meant having to fight against the prejudice of male artist. However, in Mexico Varo formed a strong bond with other women in surrealism: Leonora Carrington and Kati Horna, and blossomed.

Rightists when someone wealthy looks like they favor capitalism: "I knew it! The most brilliant and successful people agree with me, capitalism must be right!"

Rightists when someone wealthy looks like they favor "socialism" (or anything they could construe as "progressive," left or frequently quite otherwise): "I knew it! Those greedy snakes [or insert antisemitic term here] are going to drain the common man dry! If they're socialist, then capitalism must be right!"

While we're on the subject, Lain is a shitty anime

Already the communist plot to turn the children of tomorrow into trans catgirl coders is well underway. Children as young as the unborn are changing in response to exposure to hormones. We will find and destroy the ideological landlord known as the gender binary. This is the way tradition dies, not with a bang but a "nyaa~"

Only a few more days to Friday, then I get to cash that sweet Soros money that definitely exists 🤑

@Soyezlepremier I am dedicating this one to you, "burgois" socialist that I am.

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FROM CUBA: Wifredo Lam, an artist of Chinese/Congolese/Cuban ethnicity was brave, outspoken and a staunch supporter of the people’s struggles. But we also admire him for his character design: so many canvases filled to the brim with creatures inspired by his complex heritage

"Some burgois socialist

Open the eyes you are useful jerks using by bankers. Just a cattle in hands of tyranny."

Lol r000t took down the bit on his profile about how he can't be transphobic b/c he's a chaser in a relationship. Guess she got tired of him not getting the blocklist after all, more power to this probably-fictional mystery woman

Eugen has still not returned my requests for clarification on whether or not posting feet is ok on this site

Capitalists will be like "Your repressive regime destroyed my grandparents' freedom*!" and will turn around and kiss Macron's ass while he strips them of their very last scraps of fighting ability and makes freedom de facto impossible without violent revolution.

*to charge rent like the parasites they were

If every communist nation is secretly capitalist, then the people arguing against communism are anticapitalist. If instead communist nations are actually communist and the nations which anticommunists fanboy over give communist nations resources, then the anticommunists cape for pro-communist powers.

Of course I am referring to the ideology as packaged in today's West. For those of you out there who think they are "capitalists," when communists talk about the capitalist class, they're not talking about you! They're talking about the owning class. Just because you kiss up to them doesn't make you a member of the capitalist class, it just makes you very sad.

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You would have to be a real loser to be a capitalist while working for someone else

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Workers deserve better than to be duped out of the products of their labor. Amazingly, some are even willing bootlickers. Can you imagine being a worker and also being a capitalist? I guess I'm not enough of a masochist to understand it.

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