Honestly, we were more prepared to hear a new reason the was getting delayed again.

It’s been “next year” since 2019😂

But wow, they actually did it.


Lithosphere (LITHO) GameFi Project Jot Art Raises $55 Million Round Led by KaJ Labs, ACP & Psalms Capital to Launch Cross-Chain Metaverse, Finesse RPG Preview Season Goes Live!

GO: globalcryptopress.com/2022/09/

Would You Pay a Monthly Subscription for Additional 'Special' Features on CoinBase? CEO Brian Armstrong Explains Why He Thinks You May...

GO: globalcryptopress.com/2022/08/

The FINAL STEP Before ETH 2.0 Merge is HAPPENING NOW - With Mainnet Clients LIVE, Contract Requirements COMPLETE... There's Only 1 Step Left!

GO: globalcryptopress.com/2022/08/

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