Happy Thanksgiving!

Even if you’re not an American, you should take a moment and give thanks for something good in your life. Many of us on Fosstodon (and the fediverse, beyond) have the great privilege of access to technology that grants us the ability to be here.

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Thanks to @kev and @mike for Fosstodon, and the team of amazing volunteers who help heard cats, er … uh, moderate this fine instance!

We're in this together. And by together I mean bitterly alone.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is pushing for a global tracking system using QR codes to monitor people and any potential exposure to the coronavirus, which originated in China.

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I think people use Mastodon as a solace away from all the BS, not just on other social media platforms, but on media in general.

I'm continually reminded of this every time I divert my attention to another platform.


This One Trick Will Revolutionize Your Use of Social Media: Block fuckwits.

On social media, the advantage is that a large userbase and participation. The disadvantage: it's 99.9999% crap.

What's working for me is to filter ruthlessly. If someone is disruptive, ideological, insane, or crazy-making, I'll block them without thought (I used to agonize over that, I don't any more).

High signal is rare, but odds of missing out by blocking idiots are low.



"Pseudonyms and anonymity are also an established part of many cultures -- for good reason."

- Alma Whitten, former Director of Privacy, Product and Engineering, Google