| | ‘That meant Nothing’: is Pay increases for Most Americans.

Although average hourly wages rose 4.7 percent last year, wages 2.4 percent on average for all workers, when for inflation, according to the .


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@DavidVTV I mean, prices are going up for other reasons, causing people to get paid higher wages, but the investors of capital are keeping most of the profit, so wages aren't keeping up with inflation as always. Are you implying higher wages are somehow causing inflation? Now that would be a twist.


I'm NOT a .

Min wage should have been $24 per hour if kept up with inflation according to this vid research.. .. to this event.

Fair to say that the is $24 per hour.. as of 2021.

..work numbers from baseline.

..Hope this helps.

The Minimum Wage Debate Explained..


@DavidVTV Nobody is a Socialist. Marketing firms made up the bogeyman they call a Socialist, to get you to support them while they rob you blind, thinking you're fighting together with them against a common "enemy."

Anyway if wage increases ever determine price, then the price will increase slower than the wage. If the wage increases slower, then the price of goods is causing it. That's just how cause and effect works.


No argument here. we are on same page.

Disclaimer: I am not a Socialist, I am a capitalist that believes and will Implement Fair Play for the Masses Globally. Is Goal..

Stay tuned for launch:)

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