Incoming Afghans have the measles — and most likely will trigger a measles outbreak in various areas throughout the U.S.

Measles HAD been wiped out in the U.S. so current childhood vaxes do not include measle shots.

What did they do before the measles? Mothers of healthy children would bring their kids over to the homes that have children with measles

Imagine the Liberals being wiped out by measles as this is definitely something they would abhor... 😊

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ONGOING: The Number of Anchored Ships Outside of Port Is Alarming

While still in the ocean, there is usually a "traffic jam" of ships trying to enter their port. Sometimes, some will anchor to slow the flow of traffic. What happens when there are way more ships anchored while still at sea than there are entering the port? (archive

From Our Archive: Author Vanessa Neumann Shares How You Are Unwittingly Funding Terrorists

Venezuelan money, Colombia drugs, North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Hezbollah… Author Vanessa Neumann discusses how money from illegally purchased goods is filtered to terrorist groups and organized crime in her book, “Blood Profits.” (archive

The Story and History of Ivermectin UNCENSORED

If Ivermectin were as bad as the MSM narrative says it is, then why is the demand for Ivermectin consistently and persistently increasing? Why have countries now adopted Ivermectin as the drug of choice to combat COVID-19? Why did WHO endorse it in 2019? Why did the FDA and CDC list as the safest drug for human consumption for infections? (archive

September 11th – What REALLY Happened???

When initially shocked by a sight that seems impossible, the human brain misses details... LOTS of details. Now imagine a group of people who are keen on this and have been - for centuries. What REALLY happened on September 11th - and we're talking about more than one year...


Thank You Rutgers

A 9/11 memorial with humility, respect, honor...

How To Report Your Adverse Reaction or The Death of Someone to the COVID Vaxes

Hospitals aren't paid to report adverse reactions nor deaths due to the so-called vaxes. W 2x+ as many REPORTED deaths this yr alone compared to the last 10 yrs, it is up to We the People to expose non-reporting and take up the slack of the culprits abiding by the narrative the CDC, WHO, WEF, NIH, Fauci, Gates, MSM wants everyone to go by. Here's how & where (archive

**Can Mother Nature Hurt Iran More Than Conflict?**

Could it be that the weather will be the best weapon that those opposing Iran will be relying upon to limit the aims and objectives of the totalitarian theocracy causing so much global havoc? (

American Security 20 Years After 9.11

A live-stream panel discussion on American Security 20 Years After 9.11 featuring Center for American Security Co-Chairmen Lt. Gen (ret.) Keith Kellogg Former & Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, and Center for Homeland Security & Immigration Chairman Former Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf.

2019 CDC Memo on Resurfaces After Media Blasted The Drug as ‘Horse Treatment’

Why anyone keeps believing anything they hear on the boob tube is way beyond us... brain dead??? Do your own research folks, in all of history we have more information available to us than ever before (and yes, you have to filter it) yet we have the laziest society than ever before as well... The internet is a great thing IF and ONLY IF you utilize it properly...

"A new CDC study is being used by the mainstream media to scare the public. Once again, the goal is obvious. It's to boost vaccination rates.

Yahoo Finance published an article titled "Unvaccinated LA residents 29 times more likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19: CDC Study."

Anyone who looks a little closer at the CDC publication can see the fraud at first glance."

#PanikBeenden #Selbstdenken #ThinkForYourself

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AAPS Guide to Home-Based COVID-19 Treatment

Published by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, it is packed with the latest information.

Be sure to reference the diagram on page 19 - it summarizes everything you need to know and do...

Downloadable PDF...

Now you know why the Liberals, BigTech, and MSM are panicking by pushing back so hard on something that they would normally embrace as it would prove their innocence.

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The cybersecurity team that is looking at the ballots are looking for at least the following (there is more but these 3 are most prevalent on fake ballots)...

> craters: human marks will form craters on a paper - machine generated populated ballots will not have craters

> the configuration of the fibers: a human mark on paper will destroy and/or reconfigure paper fibers

> the ink type: a pen will have a totally different ink type than any machine produced populated ballot


On Aug 12, the final day of Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium in Sioux Falls, SD, a group of state legislators announced the formation of an Election Integrity Caucus. Led by VA State Senator Chase, she was joined by a dozen legislators from NH to AZ. The group will meet monthly to collaborate & complement individual strengths to bring back honest & open free elections.

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