This Post on Slavery Was Banned by LinkedIn. The sources for this post includes, but is not limited to...
> Global Centre for The Responsibility to Protect
> Human Rights Watch
> Voice of America News
> Forbes
> The Guardian
> Peter A. Baum
> Acclaimed humanitarian photographer Lisa Kristine

LinkedIn says it was banned for misinformation - really? ...

To say this post is misinformation is slanderous to the efforts of all those listed above not only as resources but as those who are concerned about the spread and use of slavery, not to mention the very lives that are being ruined and still because the need to be politically correct.

Slavery – something Liberals globally say they are against, yet.. why do their actions say completely otherwise?

To say this post is misinformation is also TOTALLY DISMISSIVE of the plight of slaves globally and a pure disregard for life itself

Something the Liberals keep thinking the U.S. needs to do something about just as long it is not another Liberal doing it

We await LinkedIn’s response, which we predict will be just as pathetic as their censorship policies

Perhaps we should chart the deaths of slaves from this day forward and share it globally until LinkedIn has their own awakening?

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