A friend created the website for writers and readers. Bhook - bhooks.com/ I'm part of the small team helping him on development and other things. I just suggested to him that we have a social media presence. And, since I have professional experience on this, I volunteered to create and manage the accounts. Anyone have any experience on this frontier? I've done it for a large group, but that was for astronomers. I'm new to doing this for writers.

I just discovered Mastodon and am still learning. Any and all advice which helps me jump in deeper is much appreciated! How can I best use this specific area?

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I love discovering, promoting, and attending local startup and STEM events (and hackathons and geek meetups and...). I spent so much time tracking and sorting them, I decided I might as well build a site to share them. Check out HawaiiCal.com... and please help spread the word (and add your own events) if you like it! hawaiical.com/events/list/