Well this is fucking horrifying. But is it surprising to anyone? Lol. No.

Trump Jokes to Putin They Should ‘Get Rid’ of Journalists

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Were coming up on a year of being on this platform and i still have no idea what kind of toots y'all like it's astounding what gets boosted

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**On Child Concentration Camps, What’s Needed Is Not an Argument, but Action and Resistance**

"Repeated exposure to outrage, with no outlet, can give the impression that lots of folks are looking, but no one's doing anything. That's enervating and, more importantly, wrong."


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Unrelated aside. The same is true for Waffle House.

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I'm going to make a controversial statement here - it is impossible to love and not like Bruce Springsteen.

is testifying before Congress. got her subpoena. Nazis are butthurt that won't let them come play. Congress told 45 he can't sell billions of dollars in weapons to the . Man this week is shaping up to be pretty lit. I wonder what Friday is going to look like. 😂😂

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If you meet one asshole a day you met an asshole.

If you meet 15 assholes a day -- You're the asshole.

If you meet one asshole a day you met an asshole.

If you meet 15 assholes a day -- You're the asshole.

Likes: Modern American history, The New Deal, media/communication, Miller High Life, Buffalo wings, Democratic Socialism, and the Atlanta Braves

Dislikes: weird social situations, narcissists, living statues, people who confuse there/their/they're, and pajama Nazis.

So here I am. I left months ago because the signal to noise ratio had gotten completely out of control. I'm hoping grows and the community around it stays rad. The selling point to me for Mastodon was the statement about transphobia, racism, et al. I also like the fact that they aren't giving shitty people with shitty opinions a platform let's keep it that way.

I think my next will be Bitch Britches or War Du Jour.


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