What are the better alternatives that can or have replaced YouTube for yourself? So far it has been sliding even further down the hole of not good for smaller creators.

Looking into setting up a rmtp server for two other people to stream into. I would then take that and add it into my stream out to twitch. Would it be ideal to setup on a digital ocean account or linode?

How has Mastodon changed your view with the major social networking competition?

What have been your favorite April fools day prank from the past few years?

Thinking that Googles toilet isp one was pretty great.

Looks like Keybase.io will be adding Mastodon support soon. Saw the mention about halfway down the article.


Of all my international travels, New Zealand was always far and away my favorite. Its natural beauty is breathtaking, but its people and their embrace of diversity shone above all. As a Native Hawaiian, the enlightened path forged between Maori and the west is inspiring. And that it was U.S. exports of white nationalism that fueled this massacre is devastating.

For those of us that livestream our podcasts or anything else, do you have a particular platform you use?

For us, we have joined Mixer and hoping to start streaming our episode recording sessions. I currently use it for my gaming streams and enjoy the community with the platform. Plus, having near instant streams are quite nice. No more chat lag.

Okay. (Gulp.) Here's my take on a "Mastodon 101" introductory video! Fifteen minutes is a bit long, but you can skip the first half if you just want the 'toot-torial' for the software. Would love your thoughts, and pass it on if you think it's actually useful! Thanks to @Gargron and @ashfurrow, with shoutouts to @socrates @matt @woozle @Curator and @tootapp! bit.ly/joinmastodon

If money was not an option, would you purchase a foldable phone?

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Introduction time I’m a self-proclaimed nerd at heart. Enjoying everything related to technology, gadgets, gaming and just about everything else under the geek sun.

Have heard about Mastodon for quite awhile but, haven’t truly dived into the experience until now.

I run a tech news site called The Collective Network, that covers geeky tech related topics focusing on the family lifestyle. Also cohost on The Geek 2.0 Podcast covering the same topics. thecollective.network


All the news that's fit to toot.