Thread: Indian govt will soon launch world's biggest face recognition system. A tool that can source citizens' images from multiple govt databases, CCTV feeds. Can identify a person by facial features and tag them. And what will it do to safeguard citizens' privacy, consent? Read

2. The Home Ministry of India, in July this year, floated a tender to procure software and services for a National-level Automated Facial Recognition System. On November 7, it extended the deadline to accept bids from private firms up till January 3, 2020.

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3. According to the tender document, the proposed system aims to access facial images of citizens from across govt databases like passport, courts, prisons, lost and found persons, criminal tracking systems, or “any other image database available with police/other entity.”

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4. The system will also “add photographs obtained from newspapers, raids, sent by people, sketches etc. to the criminal’s repository tagged for sex, age, scars, tattoos, etc. for future searches.”

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5. It will have options to upload “bulk subject images” and “CCTV feeds” to “generate alerts if a blacklist match is found.” The video feeds will be sourced from “CCTVs deployed in various critical identified locations” or “from private or other public organization’s video feeds"

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@Kumar_Sambhav This is the scariest shit I've read in a while. Surveillance is taking another flavour in India with #Aadhaar #FRT #NATGRID #CMS and #SocialMedia monitoring.

We need to stand up against this #BigBrother behaviour and defend our right to privacy.


@Shawshank @Kumar_Sambhav not many people are aware of these things. Most people are ready to give their data to govt

At the very outset, it is pushing the doctrine of 'presumed consent' like an absolutely totalitarian state (read aka China). Democratic governments are expected to honour autonomy of EVERY citizen. All governments of the day feel sanguine that they assuredly have the best interests of the citizens at heart, but change over time is inevitable.
That the cabinet has resolved is of no consequence - it only has fiduciary control over the nation's citizens, and not absolute.

@Kumar_Sambhav This is terrifying. A bad technology in the hands of monkeys. What hope is there for us?

@Kumar_Sambhav - Hope Apar & IIFF folks are upto it.

Scary shit

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