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I Told Dr. Alford Adjudicator of The Law Society Of Ontario:

-The Civil War Is On

-There Will Be Violence In Response To Vaccine Mandates

-The People No Longer Respect The Rule Of Law

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I follow doctor fauci's orders!

I use a tyvec coveralls, Full face mask and plastic gloves when i go out in public!

Except when i shout communist slogans. Then No PPE required.

most importantly, people who dont have a mask should go to jail forever!


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You Can Refuse The Mask Order: A Conversation With Dr. Alford, Adjudicator of the Law Society of Ontario 2020

Dr Alford, Adjudicator of the Law Society Of Ontario Says:

You can refuse government orders in Canada in 2020.

Mask orders are contrary to human rights!

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I Go To The Grocery Store In A Full Face Mask And Tyvec Coveralls To Protest The Thunder Bay Mask Order.

You lost your job to COVID lockdowns

You cant find a new one.

You want to start a business.

Should you incorporate, or just have a side hustle & report the income?

You Can Open Carry Many Weapons For Self Defense Purposes in Canada in 2020.

The next video in"Self-Defense" Series Will Be 'My Open Carry Choice'

after that I'm bringing on a real defense lawyer!

Is it legal to have a friendly fight in Canada in 2020?

Will you always go to jail for a drunken bar fight?

Can I join a like ?

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The correct response to a government order is to ignore it.

Mask and vaccine mandates are unconstitutional.

A conversation with Dr. Ryan Alford, Adjudicator of the Law Society of Ontario.

Justin Trudeau Acts Unethically

The Governor General is Abusive Personally

The "Assault Rifle" Ban is a misuse of Legislation

Canada Is very close to banana republic status with no rule of law

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