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Biden is still a fake dictator president tearing up the constitution with dictator like "executive orders" only parallelled by Imperial governor dictate Newsom.
Note:Newsom is still under a superior court gag order prohibiting him from using executive orders to legislate.
Nov 2nd 2020 superior court Sutter county and article 4 of the California constitution

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This is called “Jussie Smolletting”

Breaking911: JUST IN: AOC was not in the U.S. Capitol building during her "near death" experience. She claims to have been in her office, which is located in the Cannon Building.

Rioters did not breach the Cannon Building. #Trump #TrumpJr

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When will the democrat marxists here realize that they ALONE are guilty of pulling of a coup? Biden is still a counterfeit president.

Biden didn't win the election. He is a fake president

🇱🇧 Many people protest against COVID-19 restrictions in Tripoli, . There are violent clashes between the demonstrators and the police.

Todays manly grumble...

Today Fema asks pentagon for help in administering vaccines.

Fema detainment camps reopened this January.

Democrats call for blacklist of Republican supporters, then choreograph inflammatory media .

5,000 Military to stay in DC to support biden coup through March. Americans lay down to let it happen. "My cold dead hands never happens"
This week, Dept homeland security redefines all sane, traditional, balanced Americans as domestic terrorists.
Thankyou fellow Americans


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