चाहत को आसमान मिले नए साल में
अख़लाक़ का फूल खिले नए साल में
जो हाथ से भी हाथ मिले तो भी क्या मिले
हम चाहते है दिल भी मिले नये साल में
मेहमाँ तो चार पल के लिए है ये तीरगी
आनी है सुब्ह रात ढ़ले नए साल में
Happy Year Ahead

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Indian Parliament is not authorized to pass a bill that contravenes the core values of the Constitution. Citizenship (amendment) Bill will not be implemented in Kerala. CPM to fight legally against Citizenship Bill. [email protected]@twitter.com
in press meet.

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**U.S. panel eyes sanctions for Indian minister over citizenship curb for Muslims**

"A federal panel on religion has urged the United States to weigh sanctions against India's Home Minister Amit Shah if the south Asian nation adopts legislation to exclude Muslims from a path to c…"


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I, Jay_Ambadi, refuse to be a part of this unconstitutional act and shall not submit any document to get my name in NRC. I will follow the path of satyagraha to stand along with my brothers & sisters rather than be a mute spectator to their disenfranchisement #CABNRCSatyagraha

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The Shrinking Lotus:

🔹️March 2018 vs. November 2019

🔹️India is inching towards a #BJPMuktBharat

He referred to the birth of his daughter (after four sons), as a “moment of weakness”.


How can you @PMOIndia share a stage with such a person...???

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तुम्हारा ज़ुल्म करना ना हुआ ग़लत,
हमारा दर्द बयान करना ग़लत हो गया|

Vo dharm hi kyaa Jahaa pyaar
Na Ho
Vo Insaan hi kya jisme Sach ki Aag na ho
Lado Mandirr Masjid mein, tumhari fitrat
Mein Namak Tej ho jaye to Swaad kahaan...
Mathura krishna ki Bhumi, pyar ko vyapaar bana do
Iske siwa Nafrato ke saudaagaar ki
Pehchaan Nahi...

जैसे तिल में तेल है, ज्यों चकमक में आग |
तेरा साईं तुझ में है, तू जाग सके तो जाग ||

Car Shed should move out of Aarey Forest & shifted to Kanjurmarg
- demands the citizens of Mumbai.
@ShivSena @NCPspeaks @INCIndia

The Supreme Court has held that the Right to Information Act is applicable against the Court. That is welcome. But the judgment carves out so many caveats and possible exceptions, that it throws into doubt the future application of the law. My piece on the judgment:


Trust Mastodon's users to remind you that it's #WorldKindnessDay. (I wish we had a Kindness Index for countries and that world leaders met at summits to discuss the Kindness Deficit and the importance of developing a Gross National Kindness Index!)

What's your favourite memory of receiving or witnessing an act of kindness?

And what's the kindest thing you've done for yourself recently? Just curious.

जिस देश में "बेटी बचाओ, बेटी पढ़ाओ" के नारे की ज़रूरत पड़ती हो, उस देश की मानसिकता का खुलासा ऐसे ही हो जाता हैं।

Irony: Partisans are preaching patriotism.

Being born in a family with social and economic privilege is not an argument for merit.

जिस देश में "बेटी बचाओ, बेटी पढ़ाओ" के नारे की ज़रूरत पड़ती हो, उस देश की मानसिकता का खुलासा ऐसे ही हो जाता हैं।

Kashmir a part of Jammu & Kashmir with around 1 million people have been put down under a communication blockade by India. It has been 100 days and since August 5th the Internet has been shut down. The people in the worlds largest democracy are not allowed to dissent. The world needs to talk more about Kashmir as we Indians have failed them. #Kashmir

Bring back the troops India, you can’t cage people under gun point

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