Dr. Vladimir Zelenko: 'Stay Away From The Poison Death Shot and Hang The Bastards Who Started This Plague' + 'The Real Weapon Is Global Fear & Child Sacrifice' 👀

Dr. Zelenko is the physician that informed President Trump about taking HCQ, Zinc, and Azithromycin to treat COVID-19.


More than 1 Million Dead. Their Screams Silenced by the Media. Is it Murder? Is it Genocide? 👀
By Jim_Crenshaw

Yale Doctor Calls Out CDC For Committing Large Scale Medical Fraud And Hiding Covid Cases Among The Vaccinated 👀

Possibly some disparity in men's vs women's beach-handball uniforms? 👀

In fact, the Norwegian women's beach-handball team were forced to pay fines after players wore shorts instead of bikini bottoms during a game... 😲

Maybe the men should be forced to wear budgie smugglers!? 🤮 😅

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