Thinking about higher bars and pushback today

“We estimated that more than 1,000 hours per day is spent at Google responding to “excessive” pushback, a cost borne by non-White, non-male, or older engineers.”

"one editor opposed Tamzin for not using the proper, lawyer-endorsed Bluebook citation method ...But user Newyorkbrad (an attorney whom the Wall Street Journal has described as the site’s “chief-justice figure”) chimed in to say that Tamzin was, in fact, Bluebooking properly"

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"she had achieved 75.3 percent support from the more than 450 editors who opined. For reference, the successful RfAs in 2021 had only about 214 editors weigh in on average, meaning Tamzin’s RfA was roughly double the norm"

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“Some of these comments betray, to me at least, a distinct lack of empathy and understanding for what it means to be a minority and have your existence denied and/or threatened"

"From the 23,357 projects in the data set, only 5,539 had at least one woman contributor and were labeled as mixed-gender teams"

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"our study showed that women are not only more likely to leave a project compared to men, but that they are also less likely to return to a project after a period of absence"

"Women received a significantly higher percentage of comments offering advice to the author compared with men ...and significantly fewer neutral comments than men ...Women received more hostile comments ...but also more positive comments than men"

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"The widespread differences in comments toward female scientists compared with male scientists on Facebook, along with the low representation of female scientists, may have dire consequences for the ways in which young women and girls perceive themselves"

"People see humans who discriminate as motivated by prejudice... but they see algorithms that discriminate as motivated by data, so they are less morally outraged,"

"researchers coined the phrase "algorithmic outrage deficit" to describe their findings"

"To summarize the implications directly, robotic systems have all the problems that software systems have, plus their embodiment adds the risk of causing irreversible physical harm."

“We’re hired for our special knowledge and experience, but our special knowledge and experience isn’t valued in the same way,” Adero told me.

Note: lacking the willpower to go into COMBAT does not mean that a person lacks bibliographical imagination. However, that combat is necessary, and that those who must rise to defend are often in the minority or have less power in the community is often true.

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"both the user removing the source and the paragraph and all those editors who did not have the willpower or confidence to combat these weak reasons for removal lacked the necessary bibliographical imagination to properly edit the article"

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Interesting which voices are amplified by the gatekeepers of a community and which are ignored, supressed, or dismissed as stupid.

"Rosalind Franklin was far from unique in not receiving due credit for her work... on average, across all job titles and fields, men were around twice as likely to be named on a scientific article or patent by their research team as women"

"we need a new kind of boldness. One that is not merely an assumption of agency, but an active construction & inclusion...The reality that Wikipedia can represent depends on the realities & perspectives of the people allowed to contribute, & must be more inclusive"

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"when the complex bureaucratic system requires extensive knowledge of potentially vague policies, it allows for a small minority of users to control content with little recourse or ability for most to participate."

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