"Judicial commission of Inquiry"

Most people just can't fathom just how evil said "Deep state" can be... Well, it's bad... It not only involves multiple departments, but involves multiple Govts, celebrities & powerful people through-out the world... So much so, there's been a special court established, with Dignitary's from around the World to address the worst aspect of said Deep state... You'll want to sit down for this one, the subject itself is deplorable!

K, in part with my toot/video on "judicial commission of Inquiry" on child sex/trafficking/ & yes, sacrifice! The following video, covers how they scare & torture children until they go into shock, just so they can cut child's throat & drink their adrenalized blood & get high off it, believing it gives them power, satanic Which's but small part of what the journalist has uncovered during the 1000s of hours researching, 10 shocking parts! Exposing many powerful people!


Here's the Truth about Hydroxychloroquine; Bottom line, the deep state can't afford for the pandemic/restrictions/scare to end before the 2020 election! (cover for Mail ballet fraud)

Do you plan on getting the Corona Vaccine when it comes out? How safe do you think it will be? Do you believe the people involved have our best interest in mind? Better Watch this before you decide!

Kyle Rittenhouse, the truth is, it was self defense; here's the facts!



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