🚩Join us June 3: Explore synergies with Usody who boost for & with their based on tools - ultimately to provide verfifyable for reports

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Join us 26 May: Explore how Our Sci & their tools for sharing & comparability of can support your projects on action & &

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Join our mutual discussion on 18 May, 5:30pm CEST: With our guests we are spanning literacy & technologies, transparent financial structures for as well as in and methods to engage those and least heard in affairs.


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18 May

Speak & build synergies with:
Our Sci LLC
City of Västerås
Politics for Tomorrow
Open Collective Europe
Knowle West Media Centre

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Learn about sustainable fuels in our interview with Dr. Michael Schultz and what it takes to sustainably transform and

Read here:

We adress:
🌎 Scalability of
🌏 Challenges in the nexus
🌍 Paths to Sustainable Aviation Fuels
🌎 Connections to draw between sustainable fuels, transportation, mobility and the principle of

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"With Pentagrowth we are exploring new ways to developing activities together with ideas that incorporate technologies - self-sovereign digital identity & traceability for the regional crafts sector," says Edgardo Regatky in our interview.

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With case examples of the and in particular.

Let’s say that or companies felt that with better soil health were more and would offer them lower premiums or interest rates compared to farms that were viewed as less resilient. - How do we resilience?

💡With users can collect interoperable using transparent tools to complete , , or other assessments that can back up claims.

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"The pilot of TwinERGY seeks to involve people who experience and those most impacted by oppressive systems based on disability, classism, racism, gender bias and ableism – and as a result of this are often in research," says Lorraine Hudson from KWMC in our interview together with Anna Higueras & Lucia Errandonea from Ideas for Change.

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Read about the project whereby the regional of Catalonia wants to become the focal point of an .

“We are starting to think meaningfully from the demand side of this ecosystem, as opposed to a supply-pushed perspective, which in my experience has been predominant in this field to date,” says Giovanni Maccani, Senior Researcher at Ideas for Change, in our interview:

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Beneficial Bio is on a mission to "fix what are currently very broken supply chains for molecular biology tools in lower middle income countries"

👉 See our full interview: proofingfuture.eu/2022/03/01/b

*cover image: collaged, filtered, tailored images CC BY 4.0 Beneficial Bio

Why is & relevant for agriculture, and ? - And: What has with the Genome Project in common?

Find out in our interview with Dr. Dorn Cox of OpenTEAM:

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Our Sci are seeking a for a 6 month position to further development of SoilStack, a progressive designed to support smart sampling:

You can get a glimpse into Our Sci's inspiring attitude in our interview:

Connecting , practices, &

"SurveyStack has now become this amazing, deeply thought framework for .

Through a couple of key steps we can shift the way is grown, to create a dynamic where are and also the ," says Dan Kittredge of the Bionutrient Food Association in our interview 👇

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“Most is built to serve the desires of the person who built the survey. is built to serve the collecting the ," says Greg Austic from Our Sci in our interview.

"It is not obvious today how communities can use existing tools to ask hard questions in a comparable, validatable, quality way. It is however possible and we want to help."

👉 proofingfuture.eu/2021/12/06/s

Join us for "Power in Place: Leapfrogging the Innovation Gap through Capability Expansion & Tech Literacy", exchange with Abril Chimal, Kadidiatou dem Tangara, Shihab Quader, John Crowley:

THU 25 NOV, 5.00-6.00pm CEST
👉 opencollective.com/proofing-fu

Leverage your opportunity to:
+ Discuss your related interests.
+ Get inspired by & exchange with impulse givers.
+ Collectively identify possible solutions re: Leapfrogging the Gap through Capability Expansion &

Join us at "Fair Open Data for Public Good & Health", exchange with Fabio Balli, Jon Schull, Oliver Rack and Albert Cañigueral Bagó:

THU 18 NOV, 5.00-6.00pm CEST
👉 opencollective.com/proofing-fu

Leverage your opportunity to:
+ Discuss your related interests.
+ Get inspired by & exchange with impulse givers.
+ Collectively identify possible solutions re:

Join our event about "Building Economies of Connectedness"

THU 11 NOV, 5.00-5.45pm CEST
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Leverage your opportunity to:
+ Grow your knowledge about collaborative, community supported practices
+ Discuss your interests with practicioners in the field
+ Add to the of the affiliated project "Improving Equity in Sustainable Access to Medical Treatments" through your ticket to the above event

Our campaign is featured in the Open Collective Blog:
"Improving Equity in Sustainable Access to Medical Treatments" will identify solutions to key barriers in various global contexts and across sectors, connecting 8 changemakers, who would otherwise not meet, to align their ideas about how a fair , capability expansion, & intellectual property regulations, and how making can improve to as

“Acren aims to democratize and accelerate for action in the sector. With Acren, we are connecting and environmentally conscious in a safe framework to actively promote protection and improve living conditions in the countryside,” says Dr. Nikola Markovic, Cofounder of Social Impact Network, in our interview at

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