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“Peer-to-peer energy sharing coupled with , charging, storage and management of the system within a method would be an excellent marriage of technologies and for a more and inclusive ,” says Alex D’Elia in our series at .

to foster

“The next step is to replicate this of Concept with other companies in the , both product owners who dispose of for and with that collect, and the devices to final users,” says David Franquesa in our series at .

We speak about the and project of David Franquesa, Natalia Moreno & Carles Peidró García in the accelerator.

“For me, one of the most important characteristics of is that they help us think really hard about how to certain ,” says Alice MacNeil in our series at .

Alice MacNeil is the DLT4EU Programme Manager at the Metabolic Institute.

“Several projects in the Collabathons space alone have already been developed and are ready to use, and I can only see the Collabathon growing in this space, as well as others, in the future.,” says Arnav Khanna in our series at .

We speak about the of Karolina Gorna, Arnav Khanna and Anshu Kumar Jain in the Consumer Disclosure Working Group at the Open Collabathon.

“Because cooperating via is simply the most efficient way to make and create , I believe that ultimately most things will be produced in this way – it is just a question of time,” says @samtuke in our series .

Sam Tuke is a serial Open Source entrepreneur and CEO of mailtech startup Lightmeter.

“Every in the has a few that want to tackle in an equitable way, we are hoping they will use our to become an Originator, and get started,” says Franz Hochstrasser in our at .

Franz Hochstrasser is the CEO and Co-Founder of Raise Green, and New Haven Community Solar.

“We believe in the idea of , and an integral would definitely be one. The fact, that it should be the outcome of an process makes it even more exciting,” says Mag.a Cornelia Huis in our at .

In 2020, Prof. Dr. habil. Christine Vallaster & Mag.a Cornelia Huis created a for the Open Collabathon at the Salzburg of Applied Sciences.”

“We need with the right oriented compass, with the knowledge to understand the long-term and global consequences of individual and action and with the conceptual frameworks and for meaningful and rewarding ,” says Dr. Miroslav Polzer in our series at .

Dr. Miroslav Polzer is founder and CEO of GloCha as well as strategic director at the Climate Chain Coalition.

“Cultivating means establishing an , allowing and even encouraging , implementing for that the of and the selection of good ideas,” says Tiberius Brastaviceanu in our at .

Tiberius Brastaviceanu is Cofounder and active affiliate at Sensorica, a for .

“Currently, and is still the primary means for , but more and more we will start realizing this falls short since new will showcase and through , and a growing effect from shared ,” says Dr. Martin Wainstein, founder and lead at the Yale University’s Lab, in our series at .

“Using devices to the actual trends in in each participating is one way to enforce the strict rules that are missing today and bridge the action gap,” says Kavyashree Umesh Bangalore in our at .

Kavyashree Umesh Bangalore is an experienced that applies the potential of to implement in operations.

is a measure of what we can do individually, and together, to the balance between and the ’s carrying capacity,” says Nataša Božjak, Advisor at the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Agricultural Markets and Rural Development in our at

We speak about , , and .

must share their and with , helping them to set up technologies,” says Dr. Martin Baitz, director of content at thinkstep, a Sphera company in our at .

We speak about , disseminating and evolving equity.

“To keep the with the is of great importance for Agorize,” say Lisa Leibold and Aurélie Wen from Agorize in in our at .

We speak about and -as-a-service against the background of one of their latest projects, the “Discover challenge: Life” for Microsoft Canada.

“To apply at equal eye level, it is important to promote and establish for the of and between developed and ,” says Vanessa Bolivar in our at future.

Vanessa Bolivar draws her perspectives from her participation at the in Katowice.

“It begins with an of for the whole — to mimic ’s quest to give back more than it takes,” says Dakota Walker in our at .

Dakota Walker is an associate project manager and at Terrapin Bright Green, where he helps to develop advanced use that align the with the .

“The of is a new to help - , , agglomerations - determine if the local energy system is a financially viable to the cost of current centralised energy generation, compare long-term costs between approaches as well as demonstrate the of ,” say Maarja Meitern and Rolf Bastiaanssen from Bax & Company in our at .

“I am determined to help facilitate projects and to connect and ,” says Dr. Jemma Green in our at .

Dr. Jemma Green is Cofounder & Chairman at Power Ledger, where she engages to put at the centre of our future using systems.

"True will come when we can disrupt the , the ability to one-up each other, whether it be with our , or our , or our amount raised," says Jennifer Greyson in our at .

“I think we need to be more transparent, curios and more accepting about what we can do, what we can contribute to, and what we can learn from someone else”, says Ann-Marie Zachrisson in our at .

Ann-Marie Zachrisson works in and at RISE – Research Institute of , where she focuses on , mostly as raw material.


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