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“The higher the goals that an sets, and is undoubtedly one of the most ambitious we can now think about, the more energizing the becomes," says Javier Creus from Ideas for Change about the model :

" and are often considered as solutions for the continent so it is important for Kabakoo Adacemies to train and open much-needed debates about the economic, social and environmental issues related to these " says Leïla Keita from Kabakoo Academies in our joint interview with Mathis Gontier Delaunay & Matthias Vallet from KRYPTOSPHERE about & 👇

"One look at the targets the are addressing will tell you that between nations & communities are some of the most pressing issues that the is not addressing fast enough," says
Nadja Bester in our interview, explaining how at Social Impact Network they apply ( ) to help in this respect:

Find detailed insights about opportunities for and in support of EU :

Read our full interview with green consultant Bahman Morteza Etezadibehzadi here:

In this new article, Bahman Morteza Etezadibehzadi shares his expertise about & instruments that support especially &

“The Plant Protein Extractor will be fully and we are attempting to it to be manufactured to the largest extent possible. What this means is that anyone anywhere in the world will be free to make the device for themselves, their , or their own ,” says Joshua Pearce in our joint with Tiberius Brastaviceanu at .

, from & to this & high solution:


funding programmes can easily feel overwhelming. In a recurring column at , Bahman Morteza Etezadibehzadi helps you to maintain an overview of funding instruments, to put the informative puzzle together properly and to identify factors that can make proposal applications successful.

Find our full article here:

In the end, EU funding programmes hold great for & .

“Our has the potential to disrupt the sector and create tangible and not only in , but also in further ,” says Dr. Nikola Markovic of Impact Network in our interview, together with Marina Petrović and Robert Pasicko of UNDP Alternative Lab as well as Rawad Rizk of , about their programme collaboration:

“The challenges of are far too big for one company to resolve them on their own. Many now realise that not only do they make the easier for themselves when they join forces with others, but they also make much faster when they with others,” says Joana Schönborn of the consultancy Sustainable Thinking about their Klima thinking circle, a and

will immutably register usage on the and automatically make instant split to all parties involved in providing the service,” says Henk Kuipers of Rabobank when we speak about their project collaboration in the accelerator programme as well as about CiSe, the network.

like with their innate characteristics of , recordability, , and , offer a variety of advanced solutions that actually capture that ‘proof of good service’ for and ,” says Areti Kampyli of when we speak about their project in the accelerator programme.

“Why shouldn’t organisations benefit from the with in the same way than others such as corporates do? We aspired to build a programme that would help grow awareness of public sector’s eagerness to interact and adopt those in order to improve their services to ,” says Pierre Baisle in our with him, Katy Ho & Dr. Robert M. Learney of Digital Catapult about their contributions.

“We are using to help the better and differentiate their products on the back of their , creating with provable claims and back to their origin,” says Erik Zvaigzne of when we speak with him, as well as Marina Petrović & Robert Pašičko of UNDP Alt Fin Lab, about their collaboration.

in the and of , an active and informed that has the capacity to transform and add value to urgent decisions that affect them, as well as public management models that learn to and replicate positive in a flexible and fast way, would be good starting points to approach & just societies,” says Anna Higueras in our at .

“Peer-to-peer energy sharing coupled with , charging, storage and management of the system within a method would be an excellent marriage of technologies and for a more and inclusive ,” says Alex D’Elia in our series at .

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