#MaharashtraCrisis BIG BREAKING:

Justice Ramana says that "with a view to prevent horse trading", SC orders Governor to ensure floor test to be conducted by 5 pm on 27 November.
- No secret ballot
- Must be live telecast
- By pro tem speaker
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With the Pegasus spyware episode still fresh in our minds, there’s another worrying development which has been reportedly confirmed by Google this week.


Number of PAN cards that are now linked to Aadhar - and hence are legit - has risen from 25 cores (the number at the time when the Aadhar proceedings were going on) to 29 cores. LOL.

The Israeli Supreme Court was dealing with a case where security forces sought to justify enhanced interrogation techniques. Court said even though there were security implications, had to follow the law, couldn't allow violations of legal rights. @[email protected]

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Ahmadi : Restrictions under Art 19 must pass test of proportionality. The test is that measures taken have to be in order to meet a legitimate goal or suitable cause. The same must not have disproportionate impact.

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The spate of judgements in the previous week + the revelation that the govt ran roughshod over the RBI's objections to the electoral bonds scheme have combined to push the whole NSO "Pegasus" spying issue out of the news.
It needs to be remembered that NSO sells its software only to governments; which means that if Indian activists were being spied upon our govt almost certainly was involved in the process.
This is the time to finally have a real conversation on our wider tech policy and laws.

The Hong Kong High Court today handed down an important judgment in which it held that the government's prohibition on the use of face masks by protesters was unconstitutional. The government's "law and order" arguments were flatly rejected. This is what happens when constitutional courts work the way they are supposed to - and it's possible, even in the most difficult and trying of circumstances, with an authoritarian government sitting on their head. An analysis:


To know more about the illegal practices of Hyderabad Police adopting military tactics in civilian neighborhoods, come to lamakaan tomorrow 19th Nov at 7.30 p.m

Rajapaksa being elected as the Sri Lankan president solves the question of who to invite as the chief guest for the 2021 Republic Day.

A worthy successor to the totally charming and not at all racist/sexist/homophobic/militaristic Jair Bolsonaro.

"Hundreds of pages of leaked internal government documents reveal how China’s mass detention of Uighurs and other minorities in Xinjiang came from directives by Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, to “show absolutely no mercy” in the “struggle against terrorism, infiltration and separatism”."

The Guardian's report on documents leaked to the NY times that reveal the extent of China's mass detention of Uighurs in the Xinjiang province:

Ranjan Gogoi was the first CJI whose tenure I was able to observe & actually understand in its entirety, & his biggest contribution to my education was to open my eyes to the fact that the Supreme Court wasn't the palace of reason & rationality that I thought it was.

His conduct during the sexual harassment case - which I followed till the bitter end - left me speechless, but I suppose I should thank him for reminding me that even the very best of institutions can be corrupted rather easily.

Justice Nariman's dissent in the #sabarimala review, will long be cited, as a treatise on the Rule of Law and the Executive's sworn duty to uphold and implement court judgements. I urge all people to read it, as it rewards even those who have been sceptical about the court in the recent past

Surprising that Bar and Bench hasn't mentioned the sexual harassment aspect of CJI Gogoi's tenure in their report.

Quite possibly the most significant event of his time in office but barely finds a mention anywhere in the press.

I suppose this shouldn't really be surprising; after all he was in fact handed a "clean chit" by his fellow Judges which is supposed to convince me he's above reproach (blatant lack of safeguards be damned).

Some stuff to ward off ennui and despair for the young leftist. You are not alone and your worries are connected to a red thread of struggles spanning eons.

Today is (probably) a anniversary of a millennia old (recorded) first worker's strike. And it had worked.

This day around 3000 years back, year 29 of the reign of Ramses III, workers of Deir el-Medina conducted the first recorded strike


All the news that's fit to toot.