Is there a secure iOS contact management app that someone would recommend?

Hard questions are being asked. It’s nice to see our politicans at least pretend to care about privacy and competition.

Today, protesters in Portland stormed the federal building and beat up the feds when they got inside!

🤣🤣Near-military personnel with training and all of the equipment they could ever want were whooped by a bunch of 17 year olds INSIDE their own building.

Six months ago: "First US case of Wuhan coronavirus confirmed by CDC"

That waas January 22, 2020

Today: 4 million confirmed cases in the US, 144,000 dead, 15 million confirmed cases worldwide (a vast undercount). People being shot dead for requesting facemask use, politics thwarting response in the US and elsewhere.


I've achieved the "adding lines to my .vimrc to better support posting to mastodon" levels of geekery.

Really enjoying tut letting me choose my $EDITOR


**Trump predicts pandemic will 'get worse before it gets better'**

"The president also asked all Americans to wear face coverings, saying they show "patriotism"."

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CDC says that the number of cases of covid in the USA is 2-13x higher than the official count because of how terrible our testing regime is. adding this factoid to my comically large notebook labeled "horrifying things that the USA does that it tries to deflect from by accusing its enemies of doing them, volume 8,377"

you can get a pretty accurate picture of the problems in the modern america by reading New York Times articles about China and replacing the word "China" with "The United States"

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✅ botched coronavirus response
✅ lying about how many people are dying in order to make themselves look better
✅ mass spying through collaboration with big tech companies
✅ putting ethnic minorities in concentration camps

the list goes on and on and on

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remember: the truth of these claims isn't the point. the point is the rhetorical jiu-jitsu maneuver where you are no longer talking about the failures of the American government, and are instead talking about the problems in a country on the literal opposite site of the planet that the American ruling class has every interest in destroying.

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@melissasage Good thread. Reminder that capitalist countries' most potent tool against any state it deems to be the enemy is literally straight-up projection.

Transphobia, capitalism 

Facebook is harming the trans community through negligence and greed.

Transgender Facebook content dominated by right-wing sources, study finds

(2/2) The Costco scam:
This is a huge problem that is easy to miss unless you’re looking for it.

It’s presumed that prices are negotiated by consumers and producers. Costco is neither.

This means that although you would pay more for the marinara sauce you really want—you never have the opportunity to tell the producer of that sauce because Costco doesn’t sell it. But you’ll never be so mad at Costco for doing this that you won’t buy their cheaper Marinara sauce.

Costco isn’t a free market.

(1/2) The Costco scam:

1. Offer lots of products
2. Only offer one or two brands of any single product at a time (except for, interestingly, wine and bread)

The restrictions on brands creates competition for Costco’s business among suppliers. This allows Costco to pass on the price benefits of that competiton to its consumers, which is why Costco is such a good deal.

You have what was on your shopping list but you didn’t actually have any choice about what brand of each item you could buy.

1st toot 'n first prediction:

Coronavirus will be delaying/cancelling U.S. graduations in May and June 2021.


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