Internet services have been shut down in Rajasthan’s Jaipur commissionerate and Bharatpur district, and UP’s Aligarh area.

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Inappropriate for SC to enter into area of theology, true test is faith and belief of worshippers of mosque, says SC

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Ram Janmabhoomi is not a legal personality, says Supreme Court, according to The Hindu. The deity is a juridical person.

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| There is adequate material in ASI report to conclude the following:

Babri Masjid not constructed on vacant land. There was a structure underlying the disputed structure.

The underlying structure was not an Islamic structure, Supreme Court.

| But the ASI report does not say if the structure was demolished for the mosque. It has left unanswered this critical point: whether temple was demolished for mosque, says Supreme Court.

| There is clear evidence the Hindus believed Ram was born in the disputed site, says CJI, according to The Hindu.

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Mere evidence of existence of a pre-dated structure can't be the sole basis to give the title today, says SC on suit by Ram Lalla Virajman.

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| The mosque was not abandoned by the Muslims, says Supreme Court. Though the Hindus continued to worship at Ram Chabutra but they claimed ownership on Garbh Garha also.


| Activities on social media platforms will be under observation, say Delhi Police. It advise that such platforms should be used with discretion, and users should restrain from spreading any disharmony, hatred or enmity.

| SC orders alternate land for Muslims. Land for mosque in a suitable, prominent place. It will be acquired by the government.

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SC asks Centre to formulate a scheme within three months and set up a trust. The trust will hold possession of the disputed site.

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| Varun Kumar Sinha, the lawyer of Hindu Mahasabha, calls it a historic judgement. “With this judgement, the Supreme Court has given the message of unity in diversity,” he tells ANI.

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@Scroll more like message of "Sorry, demolition kiya. #feelsbadbro. But... Mandir Wahin Banayenge" because evidence of faith and belief..

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