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I'm selling a coloring book, check it out if you're interested! :)

A purchase would help your local starving artist.

What FNF song is popular at the moment?

I'm kinda out of ideas for content for my Splatoon channel (beyond what I already have in my backlog/WIP pile)

Any suggestions?

I just learned how much money I'd be making if I got the same kinds of views on youtube but my videos were 10-20 minutes instead of 1-2 minutes long.

Now I fully realize why most of the animators quit, lmao.

What if i hosted a special Splatoon Shorts Collab until the regular ones start again? 🤔

It's funny how the EFAP mod is the one FNF mod of mine basically nobody really cares about, yet simultaneously has the best music out of them.

Okay graphic design student bots, I need an After Effects commission for an animated logo.
Give me your automated replies

Many people have noticed that the members of the New Squidbeak Splatoon all share an ink color.

This could mean that they might team up with the player to actually fight together in a stage.

Bluescreen version, if you want to use female Morshu for your own memes

The way how badly youtube has deranked my main channel is ridiculous

I finally got around to fully animating the female Morshu video.

Find the HD Version + Beatbox here:

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