My therapist: "Frontal Sheldon isn't real, he can't hurt you."
Frontal Sheldon:

Looking at that Splatoon 3 Direct announcement and thinking of all the new shitposting potential.

I'm thinking of doing a Q&A video soon.
If you want have some question answers, now's the time to ask!

Thumbnail for a new video on my Splatoon channel.
Link in bio!

Small short for today. Lots of regular content coming soon.

I finally finished Inuyasha. Still surprised how good it turned out to be.

Would any composer out there like to make two or three songs for a summer themed splatoon mod of friday night funkin?

I felt like doing a Snapcube clip, and thought it would be funny to use @[email protected] and @[email protected] for it, lol

Unfortunately I'm pretty broke right now. 🙃

I wish these shorts would actually make money, since they're really fun to do! There's a donation link in my bio if you would like to help me make more 😳

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