On the bright side, we're back to square icons.

@Naughty I don't know who you're talking about but he's the one.

@Naughty Do you see that planet? Click on it and select the ✉ instead. Add the username and your message will be private.

@JustAnEgoist It couldn't help but swoon? Well, sorry. [[Sporting a smug smile.]]

I’m glad this can be an alternative if needed.

@BeautifulTrauma Yes, I thought about that too. Best not to lose your mind. Stay focused.

@Elly I see you, rainbow princess. Don't be scared. You're not alone here. [[Laughs.]]

@MoanBrooklyn It's kinda like Twitter. My account basically looks the same.

Now I know how to send direct messages, how to tweet or whatever it is called here, and how to edit my profile.

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