Why do they obsess over people who tell us to do something while ignoring those who actually do something? 🤔🤔

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A cop who forcibly baptized a woman, raped other women, sexually assaulted children, and sodomized a man looking for weed, has finally been charged!


If you can watch this video and still believe police are brave, you're unwilling to accept reality..


10 years later and nothing has changed yet people keep voting like the next guy will change everything for the better.

While the media obsesses over Greta, other teenagers are taking action to clean the environment and make the world a better place, but you won't see them on the cover of Time magazine.


Police stole 100% legal hemp that was being used to make medicine for cancer patients and are refusing to give it back!


An innocent woman is now facing life in prison after a disgruntled ex-boyfriend sent police to her home and nearly killed her!


Farmers have found a way to collect the gases released from food waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and using it for sustainable energy!


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