A college student attending a protest says he was falsely arrested and then forcibly sodomized by a police baton leading to permanent injury.


As teams of government officials go to random homes conducting a COVID-19 study, they are being met by armed citizens who do not want them there.


As more and more Americans face poverty and starvation we're going to need more brave citizens like this to take a stand and help those in need, even if it's against the law!


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A bully with a badge assaulted a man, lied to his department to try and cover up his actions and only got a measly one week suspension!


An officer responded to a police brutality protest by shooting a man in the face at point blank range and only got a 2 day suspension!


Black Panther member Fred Hampton is likely a major reason why J, Edgar Hoover, considered the Black Panthers to be "the most dangerous group in the U.S."


In just ten years, under the guise of rendering aid, the United Nations has literally been raping and pillaging countries across the world.


Maybe it isn't the politicians that suck, maybe the public sucks.. 😂😭

H/T: George Carlin

A cop is facing aggravated manslaughter charges and 15 years in prison for ordering his K-9 to attack a compliant suspect!


As multiple families have already had their rights violated by what is seen inside their homes from their child's remote learning, here is a letter to help you opt out.


People no longer want logic, evidence or solutions. They just want to hate the other 'team' and be angry all the time.

Although the company claims their spying was due to a "bug" the lawsuit now claims it was on purpose to obtain “extremely private and intimate” information..


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