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These newest revelations in the anti-Ivermectin saga reveal just how hypocritical companies like Pfizer and the establishment narrative truly are.

Because accountability is more important than the cult of scientism! 💪

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Adding to the absurdity of these charges, the incident happened in 2018 and authorities have still been “investigating” it ever since, clearly illustrating their disregard for efficient use of taxpayer dollars. Clown world is here, folks.

He has won 19 Emmys and authored several best-sellers so he isn't going to back down from the world's largest social media company and their attack dog 'fact checkers' who often reject facts in favor of narrative control.

Then CIA chief Mike Pompeo was itching for revenge against WikiLeaks and Assange after the “Vault 7” leaks, considered a massive embarrassment to the agency almost without parallel. So they devised a plan to take him out.

This sick guy should be spending a long time in prison, but because America has two sets of laws for the people and the predator class he's allowed to walk away without so much as a slap on the wrist.

Despite not having a regular police force, the town is still getting along just fine. Better than fine actually, considering now no one is being arbitrarily harassed for revenue collection!

Counter intuitive questions is how we evolve as a species! Questioning standards and norms should be cherished and protected, not ridiculed and silenced. Have we not learned anything?

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We compiled some of the most powerful videos from recent protests in Australia which has quickly descended into an open air prison police state.

When police did a no knock raid on his home, he thought his life was in danger and fired his weapon which killed an officer. They found no drugs but for the last 7 years, he’s been innocent, in jail, with no trial.

Biden's approval of refugees is merely half that of Trumps record low. And while the abysmal conditions on the border are worsening, the MSM continues to play divide and conquer while ignoring the facts.

While the stooge in the video is not a senior official at the FDA, many believe the sentiment is shared by many within the FDA. Especially the disdain for the "non intellectuals" and minorities who refuse the vaccine.

He built the garden because he could no longer mow the steep hill in front of his home, so he “decided to plant it in wildflowers for the benefit of our environment and our ecology.” Now he's being threatened by the city.

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Now, nearly a year later, only after the damage has been done and big tech steered the election into Joe Biden’s favor by suppressing facts, is the establishment admitting it was true.

Did you know a popular right wing influencer is on the same list as Hitler? Did you know that Facebook has different content enforcement policies for different people? This podcast confirmed our worst fears and opened up our eyes just how deep the big tech collusion and censorship really go!

(Length: 47:40)

Ever heard of the Tuttle Twins? They are a series of books who teach kids about liberty, the value of truth the complete opposite of comply, conform, obey edicts they learn in public schools. Also TFTP gets a small % for each sale!

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Manslaughter means the “unintentional killing of another person.” If you fire your gun at another person, your intentions are perfectly clear, making the charge of manslaughter, incredibly insulting.

Frustrations among the Australian people are running high and rightfully so. Glad to see they are fighting back and resisting the in-your-face tyranny!

The most prevailing conversation that needs to be put forth in the public discourse right now is the blatant hypocrisy and contradictions of public officials and their narratives. Obviously something is amiss.

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