In addition to sexually assaulting 2 young boys investigators believe he may have victimized many more children and are asking anyone with information to come forward..

Taxpayers will once again be held liable for the actions of 2 cops who don't even understand the laws they're enforcing..

The corporate media is doing everything they can to silence anyone who questions endless wars!

Not only would any attempts to disarm Americans be met with violent backlash, but if it did work, only the most violent people in the world would have guns.

Self defense is a natural right regardless of any law or study.

Agree or disagree? Tell us why!

H/T: Harry Browne

After slamming a compliant man to the ground police filed a false report to try to justify it, but video of the incident proved they lied!

A deputy, apparently angered by kids playing music at a skate park, snapped and threatened to kill a child while holding a gun in his face.

After being jailed for weeks for possessing powdered milk an innocent man was sentenced to 15 years in prison only to have his conviction overturned!

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