Covid vaccine profits created 9 new pharma billionaires. That is corporatism at it's worst! Yet the left continues to advocate and cheer for big pharma. Stand for nothing, fall for anything. Social programming is a helluva a drug.

After a campaign of rhetorical pandering to last summer's uprisings, this Administration is doing exactly what we knew it would — Empowering the police state.

Homeowners are reporting a third party is remotely adjusting the temperatures on their thermostats and some say they never approved it.

Is technocracy already here?

For over a year the public had no idea cops were treating children like this. Now lawmakers are finally making moves to hold cops more accountable in an effort to prevent future scenarios.

Just like his predecessors, Biden is continuing to do the bidding of the Military-Industrial-Complex by rebranding operational capabilities.

He was barely on the job 3 months. The deeper issue here is given how soon this took place, his naturally violent tendencies had to have been obvious to the academy who let him pass anyway.

The court defended these heinous tactics by claiming the child's rights weren't violated. Clearly demonstrating that at this point, none of us have rights in this country anymore.

Don't forget the Biden's other dog "Major" was sent off to a "re-education" camp a couple months ago too! 🤔

Libertarian heavy weight, Larry Sharpe joined Matt and Jason for this weeks podcast to talk about the economy, hyper inflation, and the 08' financial crisis. We discuss the culture wars and if the left has influenced academia. We also went into great detail about how to reform police. (1:00:53)

This Juneteenth, it would be irresponsible not to continue fighting for freedom by ending the drug war and prosecution of victimless crimes, and of course the tax code which allows modern slavery to continue

Are you starting to see the pattern and continuity of methodology here? 🧐

Had anyone else showed up to his house unannounced and murdered an innocent man's dog he would have been justified in protecting his life and his home. But because the assailant is a cop, he's dead and they dare call it "justified".

If you still somehow believe the narrative that we are liberating the Middle East with "freedom and democracy" you really need to watch the interview with where he lets the cat out of the bag by explaining the pre-planned Middle East invasion. Obviously the DC think tank war monger ruling elite hated him for giving such detail!

Video Here:

More about CFR and Trilateral

Corporatist powers have infected every sector of the United States government — The high courts purpose is no longer about ethics or morals, but protecting profit.

Just like his predecessors, Biden is continuing to do the bidding of the Military-Industrial-Complex by rebranding operational capabilities.

The Libertarian Party Mises Caucus is doing big things if you believe in voting and supporting the political avenue for reform and change. Also check out comic Dave Smith who strongly supports the caucus and was recently on 's podcast. These people are changing the LP for the better!

When the officer showed up to the scene he already had his gun drawn, not to mention the man was unarmed and walking away when the officer fired at him in front of his children.

Instead of investigating these legitimate concerns, governments have instead taken to issuing bribes and mandates in order to increase vaccine uptake.

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