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In yet another controversy for the embattled streaming platform, a star of the Netflix show "Cheer" has been arrested on charges of producing child pornography.

Over 2 years after he cowered in fear and allowed 17 children to be gunned down, this coward has been given his job back with full back pay!

It turns out that the two injured LA sheriff's deputies were shot right near a department that a whistleblower exposed as running a gang that rewarded officers for murdering citizens.

In the "land of the free" your home can be raided for *checks notes* playing with a toy gun during a video call.. 🙄🙄

A police chief in Texas was arrested this week on disturbing charges relating to the sexual abuse of children, he immediately posted $500,000 bail!

An innocent grandmother and her grandson's girlfriend were strip searched in public view after a cop claimed to smell weed during a traffic stop!

Indoctrination is a helluva a drug. Explains why so many people can't think of life without government after they've attended 12 years of indoctrination camps called government run education, right?

He couldn't even stand up when officers confronted him, but they still let him off because of his political connection!

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