I admit it, I'm an junkie. I've been a Prime member for 21+ years and couldn't be happier with the service. I admire ; what he has done with Amazon is genius.

However, what Amazon has done to borders on evil. It violates the , the in particular. Further, in what is from all appearances collusion with , smacks of .

, are you listening? Amazon is giving you a tremendous opportunity to take market share from them.

Sure, let's the ...

My wife watched this scumbag get arrested this morning while walking the pups.

My Sunday project which will evolve into garlic shrimp linguine tomorrow. The is killing my waist line.

Constitutional are always welcome to imbibe with us under the redwoods. That is, of course ,until we move from the once great state of .

Flattering mosaic of composed of mugshots of many of the Black men she locked up and kept in prison past their release dates. She'll be by next summer. Save us.

The only thing we still like about . We're moving to as soon as we can.


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