anyone else notice that a lot of Trump appointees have names that sound like Nazi war criminals?

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I'm on a pretty amazing new social network called - it has just opened up to new users (I've been on the beta for a while) - I recommend it.
To get an invite code just go there and enter your email in the box at the bottom of the page. Find me on there - I am @c

I wonder if Donald Trump is going to use his big 4th of July speech to nullify the 2020 election or denounce his rivals. Other dictators use such events/speeches as a way to fake a coup, seize power, or arrest enemies. It will be interesting to see which of these he does. (Maybe all three, who knows?)

I got really bored with this really fast. Haven't been back in weeks. Maybe months...anything exciting going on here?

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If you have been curious about @cryptocurrency here is an opportunity to ear $50 in Stellar Lumens $XLM for watching 5 - 1 minute videos. I did it - educational and easy.

I'm the oppossite of a Trump fan - but not a partisan Democrat or such. Essentially, I abhor despotism, corruption, and greed over goodness. Sadly, it looks like Trump has now been fully unleashed on us. God help us all. At the very least, it's interesting to watch and at best it might accelerate the necessary collapse of Western Civilization we need in order to become the best that we can be.

Took a trip to the Bishop Museum in Honolulu the other day. Magnificent, but all that old stuff has a very peculiar and unpleasant smell.

If you have been curious about @cryptocurrency here is an opportunity to ear $50 in Stellar Lumens $XLM for watching 5 - 1 minute videos. I did it - educational and easy.

I came to masthead/mastadon hoping to find a new and improved social network but I think what I really need to do is work on unplugging from all social networks.

‪The world is very sick and the internet is not just a symptom, it's a vector spreading the illness. ‬

Today I took all the original art I've done over the past four years to the Aloha Stadium Swapmeet. I sold one painting and then donated the rest to a local charity shop. Hopefully my art will make a bit of difference in helping those with Cerebral Palsey. I'm happy about that.

Sometimes it feels like the world is filled with crazy people who are just waiting for me to enter their field of vision so they can snap.

Sometimes I think - I should pray and then I can't really figure out which god should get my prayers so usually I just pray to the one that's always been there listening. That god isn't any of the ones anyone else ever told me about but sounds a bit like all of them. Nameless and eternally real. Present but indefinable. Unknowable but impossible to deny. The god of singing and cooking and sometimes the one who hears my cries and comforts me. The god of birds and clouds and leaves in the wind.

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"Could now be the time for a cooperatively run, open source alternative to Twitter, perhaps run along the lines of Wikipedia? Owned by everyone, responding to community concerns: tools to defend against trolling, manipulation by Russia or to help stem the tide of fake news."

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