, targeted by consumer bureau in tech industry investigation: “we need to make sure that we have a vibrant and competitive market, and not one that is simply dominated by a few."

A U.S. couple thought they were professional spies after watching movies and reading stories - they had something to sell - to officials

My last product ever was a printer/scanner that refused to do anything because its overflow tank was full. Solution: Canon would fix it for a price that was more than the product price. Now, Good News: Canon sued for disabling scanner when printers run out of ink

“It’s not just a technology problem. It’s a scale problem. And it’s not a human-scale problem to understand this, stay up-to-date, and keep current," Heinemeyer says. “The complexity has exploded. Complexity killed the cat." - suggesting to prevent

bicycle manufacturer VanMoof introduced an e-bike that has two motors, and goes 50 kmh - likely to be illegal in some countries in electrek.co/2021/10/12/vanmoof

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"The privacy focused /e/OS variant of Android was observed to transmit essentially no data"

Find out more about the in-depth analysis of the data collected by Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Realme and others by #tcddublin #EdinburghUni


Location, location, location: the new suggest feature sends keystrokes and location to the HQ - it can be disabled for

"for the vast majority of consumers, commercial services add very little value and frankly most incur more security risk for the user." - however, the unbeatable use case is hiding your ip address which equals your home address

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