The new feature in 22 - Collectives- is a document manager with lots of potential (although very simple for now)

Over the life cycle of an electric vehicle — from digging up the materials to laying the car to rest — it will release fewer greenhouse gas emissions than a petrol-powered car, the research found.

There are still a few genuine villages in Algarve, south coast of . These are the ones worth a visit:

The code is open, anyone can see it. Is it a risk? The code submitted by a university was a nasty reminder that even open process has its risks.

, the private search engine, has created an email service that lets you open burner/forwarding accounts. But why do we need to install a mobile app to sign up?

has created its own distribution: CBL-Mariner, a server operating system intended for cloud services

Canalys has fresh statistics for shipments 2Q2021: Xiaomi achieved the biggest growth, beating . The market doesn't have dominant vendors: even the leader only has 19% share.

Microsoft Cloud PC, officially Windows 365, is a service that provides to any device over the internet

Perhaps second hand Google phones should be avoided: We Got the Phone the FBI Secretly Sold to Criminals

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