Here is the coolest device I've seen in a long time: Yayagram. A in Spain built a communication device ( Pi inside) for his grandma who doesn't have any products.

with Autopilot engaged approaches 10x lower chance of accident than average car: here’s the data --- not so fast , but in any case, the promise is lower insurance costs for in the future?

A 'Worst Nightmare' Cyberattack: The Untold Story Of The Hack
- excellent story by . Still waiting for to convince me how they are going to prevent similar incidents.

United States' plan to beat China includes dominating tech standards groups, especially for 5G
- , , 2G exist as global standards because telecom industry has co-operated. This US plan may be against it.

A large display hanging on wall delivers newspaper front pages to a news follower
- this may trigger many ideas for hackers to implement

DuckDuckGo promises to block Google’s latest ad-tracking tech — if Google allows it
- thank you but the simplest way to avoid tracking is to use other products

Strong evidence found for a new force of nature
-- finally, may explain things like donald trump, E=mc2, and kim kardashian

Remote working: are Big Tech companies telling employees to return to offices, after all?

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