A proto for running in a browser (including database) as WebAssemply package - potential as development tool

did a survey on remote work productivity: While 87% of workers felt they worked as, or more, efficiently from home, 80% of managers disagreed.

Important point for communication: define what really means in your open source project

Cyberpunk pioneer Neal Stephenson is working to create an open platform that will, its creators hope, be a more version of the types of metaverses like those run by Fortnite and Facebook.

The statistics indicate that the number of videos continually removes from the service are mind-boggling.

As digital ads work their way into more corners of the economy, “a new order is going to materialise”, believes Mr Lipsman. He thinks will overtake in total advertising revenue, possibly within five years.

A more way to update and plugins: have a separate test/development site for testing updates before *manually* updating production site AND don't use a plugin for backups, but operating system commands.

Top 10 (or 11 because tenth position is shared by two cities) best cities to live in according to EIU are as follows

wants to ensure everyday connected appliances are less vulnerable to cyber attacks by mandating manufacturers to strengthen security throughout their whole lifecycles.

Research firm Bot Sentinel found at least two dozen channels with “flagrant” policy violations were allowed to continue posting. Even more alarming: they’re still getting paid.

Article: we are not equipped, physiologically or mentally, to be delivered catastrophic and confusing and pictures 24/7. --- no wonder young generations are escaping to

Twitter whistleblower told US lawmakers that was "a decade behind" standards, that users' data is not sufficiently protected and that too many staff have access to it.

The co-founder of Matt Mullenweg proposes trusted plugins tested in collaboration with the core of the software

The key points that small businesses and home computer users should take away from the report are responsibility, planning, licensing, and action

Big brands have removed the ability to sign on with . It's a marked departure from just a few years ago, when the Facebook login was plastered all over the internet.

We urge rights-respecting democracies to wake up to the existential threat of information ecosystems being distorted by a Big Tech business model fixated on harvesting people’s data and attention, even as it undermines serious journalism and polarises debate in society and political life.

researchers have found that roughly eight out of ten websites featuring a search bar will leak their visitor’s terms to online advertisers like Google.

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