Bayesianism strikes back on December 18, 2019. Come to our seminar at UCLouvain for Isabelle Drouet's talk about evidential reasoning and credibility. More details here:

Translating W. Ackermann's work on rigorous implication leads me into obscure regions of the Internet, where sources are no longer to be found on Google Scholar, but instead turn up on guerilla servers with lists of names so legendary that they look fake.

As I am listening to a talk on how 'useless ' is toxic & wasteful, this paper is mentioned: "Walking with : why does it spill?" So, just between us, here it is. You're welcome. I won't judge.

Hong Kong journalist Gwyneth Ho talks about the media misinformation about the at the Hong Kong information session at @KU_Leuven

Come to our information session on Hong Kong and learn how Europeans can help support the citizens’ rights movement. Next Tuesday (26 Nov) at 21:00 in Auditorium Max Weber, Leuven.

features an exhibition in honor of by Alexandra Dementieva x NADINE. You can see it in iMAL in Brussels this weekend.

I would like to meet Ōe Kenzaburō. Does anyone know how I can reliably follow the news about meetings or his public appearances? I would actually fly to Japan just to see him give a talk. You know, .

A timely lecture by Professor John W. Dower on the cultures of war and faith-based secular thinking, with strong arguments against engaging in the propaganda of violence.

♥️ Thank you Freedom Not Fear Brussels and the participants of for a weekend full of discussions, workshops and talks on digital privacy rights, journalism, surveillance, privacy enhancing tools & techniques.


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