If you're keeping up with the news like we are, then you too must feel the urge to get off this planet grow everyday. You'll be happy to know, @NASA is very close to finding the right landing spot for your potential migration.


So, the @BJP4India is demanding an apology from @RahulGandhi for his 'Rape in India' comment. Meanwhile, @INCIndia leader @ShashiTharoor says is trying to steer the people's attention away from the "burning" North-East. Where do you stand?


To our delight, @TwinkleKhanna took to Insta to share her reaction to @akshaykumar's gift of earrings. Known to keep her followers entertained, she shared a picture the 'gift' that touched her heart and our funny bones.

Finally, the otherwise incurable virus that has plagued the South Asian subcontinent, will soon be treatable as scientist have now found upto a dozen drugs that could block it.


After hours of summit haggling, Poland whose country relies on highly-polluting coal for 80% of its energy needs, has been left out of EU's climate neutrality agreement for 2050.


Much like our actual fingerprints, scientists have now discovered the 'fingerprint' of a cell. Using this, they have already been able to identify cancer cells from a tissue sample with over 98% accuracy.


Opinion | "The Hyderabad rape and murder is not an isolated case where the media has been accused of rabble-rousing. A certain segment of the media in 2019 has repeatedly demonstrated scant regard for professional ethics and sanity."


All you other guys can just stop trying cause @imVkohli just set the bar SO high for anniversary gifts, the point is moot.

Not a lot can top 70 runs off 29 balls in an decider match and dedicating it to your wife.


The Delhi police have been granted 2 more months to get the required sanctions to prosecute former Students' Union president @kanhaiyakumar and others in a sedition case.


As the protest at continue, the has asked the university to speak to students in the asking for admin officials to have access to the admin buildings, failing which, the police will be asked to intervene.


Coming up on the 3rd day of the the topic of the alleged molestation of 13 female students by teachers in two different govn. schools came up for discussion in the assembly.


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