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| "Had VK Saraswat said it before August 4, 2019, one would have dismissed it with a smile. In the current scenario, his lewd remarks have rubbed salt in the wounds of J&K – where residents have been denied many basic rights..."

The internet shutdown in the valley has taken a special toll on the differently-abled youngsters who rely on social media platforms to communicate with their friends living inside and outside the valley.

The empowered with draconian - ‘no vakil, no daleel, no appeal’ for 12 months - say this is routine work and happens quarterly.

| "Has the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) decided to show the door to the @INCIndia, its ally, from partnering with it for the Tamil Nadu scheduled to be held in April 2021?"

This morning saw the successful launch of India's "high power" communications satellite -30 from French Guiana.

But what led @isro to use a foreign launchpad for the event?

Successful liftoff for @ISRO's first satellite launch of 2020 -

"High power" communication satellite, aimed at providing high-quality television, telecommunications & broadcasting services was launched onboard the rocket this morning.

Ramen, Sushi, Anime and kawaii are what we all know and love about Tokyo.

But did you know the Japanese capital has something for adventure seekers, treasure hunters, and a whole sensory overload.

Here's a 12 point checklist of things to do in .

"They were barefoot, hungry, and dressed in bits and pieces; you would encounter their like in any slum that you visit, but they were also warm, welcoming, and generously invited me into their homes."

Though warnings have been issued and more than 57,000 people abandoning homes on the volcanic island and its environs, in the , many are drifting back to check on animals and possessions.

The started off with just fifty women on the first day of the protest, a number that quickly grew in leaps and bounds

Now, it has now inspired women-led sit-in protests across India.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. This one just happens to be a soft, furry, long eared, hazel eye-ed, fluffy, cutie.

Introducing Taylor - a bushfire-hit 's best friend

China's Vice-Premier Liu He and the POTUS @realDonaldTrump sign 'Phase One' of their , putting the breaks on an 18-month trade war between 2 of the world’s largest economies.

When called the 'sad and bad', multiple memes started doing rounds online asking if the trolls are going to boycott now.

In other news, MP
@M_Lekhi says this is a prime example of 'How literate need to be educated'.

According to government data, retail inflation jumped sharply to 7.35% in Dec 2019, owing largely to high food prices, making it the 3rd consecutive month retail inflation has breached the @RBI's comfort level medium-term target of 4%.

Will the affect the highest paid female actor in the country @deepikapadukone's brand value? Or will it be 'just a storm in teacup'?

We asked an expert.

The current number of illegal in India, stands at a number between 50,000 and 60,000.

Deadline for voluntary registration of all drones and their operators by January 31, 2020 issued from the @MoCA_GoI

Planning a trip to to enjoy the snowfall? You may need a backup plan.

State police issued a fresh advisory, reminding people of the @Indiametdept dept's orange warning for Jan 13 and yellow warning for Jan 16th for heavy rain and snow.

The catastrophic that have ravaged Australia have dealt an "extraordinary hit" to the population.

Environment Minister @sussanley says there is a possibility of listing them as "endangered".

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