Over the past few days, as protests by JNU students continue over fees hike, misleading posts aimed at protesters have spread through social media. BOOM has debunked misinformation around the . (1/n)

BOOM reached out to Shambhavi Siddhi, a Master’s degree student, who has been misidentified as a 43-year-old who is still studying at . (2/n)

An old photograph of Annie Raja, General Secretary of the National Federation of Indian Woman (NFIW) resurfaced with false claims that she is a first year student of . (4/n)

BOOM found that the image was originally taken in 2012, when demonstrators took to streets to protest against the brutal gang rape of a paramedic student in New Delhi. (6/n)

A photo of a woman bleeding profusely from the head while partaking in a procession is being shared with a false claim that she is a student injured in a crackdown by the police. (7/n)

A screen grab of a Zee News bulletin showing students protesting at is viral with false claims that one among them has been studying in the varsity since 1989. (8/n)

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