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A viral WhatsApp message picked up by BJP leader Anant Kumar Hegde, claiming a transfer of ₹40,000 crore by Dev Fadnavis, was denied by the former Maharashtra CM.

BOOM found that the viral video is originally of a man who was beaten up by the cops in Andhra Pradesh's Chittor district for allegedly raping a minor girl.

BOOM spoke to Cyberabad police, investigating the case, who denied any communal angle to the incident and warned against sharing fake and communally sensitive posts.

A misleading WhatsApp forward, claiming that the RBI will discontinue the ₹2000 note, is viral again after being debunked in October.

An edited photo of posing with a green colour logo of has been tweeted by a parody account of .

BOOM found that the fake IT Dept website was using a similar design and an official logo to deceive tax payers.

BOOM found that the image of slain policeman Tukaram Omble shared by multiple netizens, is originally of actor Sunil Jadhav from the film The Attacks of 26/11.

IPS officers Rema Rajeswari & Harssh A Poddar have set an example for the rest of Indian law enforcement on how to stop mob lynching & curb the spread of deadly rumours.

On this episode of they tell us how it all happened.

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