Detroit sports was great and awful today. Great because Michigan took down North Carolina. Awful because, the Lions.

Hey Fediverse, is there an iOS diaspora app?

Formally moved from to this space. I feel like the direction of this instance is a bit more in line with how I will use mastodon.

I've started writing again at @dan and also a podcast at @podcast

Any , , accounts floating around? I need more in my timeline.

I’ve been writing a bit these days. Here’s today’s bit: To Love Well Is To DO Something


Have you seen this list of alternatives to Amazon's offerings? Not all entirely free/open, but definitely some options to say "not Amazon"

What's happening masthead? Sorry I've been MIA. Time to re-engage a bit. What's good?

Never pass up an opportunity to say something KIND behind someone’s back.

Look for all the good going on around you and tell others about it. Spread the truth about the good things you have had the privilege of seeing in others.

Start a new fad of good gossip!


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