Causes of :
1. Industries
2. Stubble burning
One tandoor burns 30kg coal in a day to prepare food contributing big time to Delhi’s

What happens when the glaciers that feed the world’s most important rivers melt and become just barren rocks? A wonderful sight lost, but what more?

Do you like chips? And some coke to go with it? Then of course, you know it’s unhealthy. But how unhealthy? And unhealthier compared to other countries who also consume the same brand of chips and coke?

On DataBaaz today - what if you could eat your coffee cup and reduce waste? Well, Air New Zealand is trying to keep 8 million coffee cups from hitting the garbage dump. Food for thought?

On DataBaaz today: The journey of a chakli. Watch our story on how this snack travels from one of the few chakli manufacturing units in to many households in Mumbai.

Did you know that birds are as vulnerable to poaching as the big cats Leopards and Tigers? Which are these enchanting species that face this danger?

From decline in to an exponential increase in access to internet, here are the 5 things that have gotten better in in the past 10 years. Watch the video to know more.

Nearly 30% of households in rural India have no access to toilets. But India is declare . How is this possible? We asked the same question and try to find out an answer.

On DataBaaz today, we explain the . This controversial bill is going to be discussed in the Lok Sabha today. Here are the basics you need to know.

Rita Skeeter Exclusive for DataBaaz: World of Wizards and Witches is shocked to learn Muggles in 11 Mumbai schools have learnt to play . Department of Magical Games and Sports stated that the Muggle Quidditch is now official.

“We jumped inside a trench to deliver a baby,” says Ashabai, an adivasi from MP. This is the everyday life of , whose homes are burnt and their men arrested, by forest officials. What is their constant fight for? Watch our story to know:

Rivers covered with foam can look beautiful, like they are clad with snow. Unfortunately, this foam is poisonous and can cause cancer.

Of all the snakebite deaths in the world, one third are from India. What are the reasons for this high number?

From lynching, castration, to making more stringent laws, hastening justice and protesting against this crime, what would make a difference to victims of , or to the 89 who are raped everyday in India?

Human activities alone have contributed to 95% of the Earth's warming. Children around the world are demanding NOW. Policy makers, corporates...any takers?

He can't walk, his speech is slightly slurred, his hands don't always obey him. But Shorya Sood has not let stop him from excelling at academics! He is NOT among 45% of India's population that is illiterate.

Did you know that roads have a Defect Liability Period? Its essentially a warranty period during which a road contractor has to fix or cracks in the roads without being told about it.

India's crime records bureau under the home ministry has put out a new crime category- Anti-National Elements.
These include
North-East Insurgents;
/Left Wing Extremists &
(including Jihadi terrorists)

Delhi's women are asking for pink slips! It's their ticket to a free ride in over 5500 buses that crisscross & NCR. Watch the story to know what this scheme brings for women commuters in the city.

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