I just might do the . So far 22/22 which included 11 miles yesterday and stops in Hoomaluhia Gardens and Hawaiian Memorial Park.

still in progress. Today’s ride took me to the front gate of MCB Kaneohe where I was denied access. 🚴🏽‍♂️🤚🏾

13 miles logged on day 17 of that included a stop at the Kaneohe courthouse

On 4/13, I did ride 13 of . Covered 20 miles and change and included a stop at Kailua District Park to watch a few innings of a HS baseball game. Kahului led Kalaheo 1-0 when I left.

Ride 12 done. Rode from Kaneohe to Hakipuu (10 miles) then turned around and stopped at 7Eleven in Kahaluu for a Big Gulp and dark chocolate.

Did ride 8 of using @GoBikiHI and had an interesting 6.72 miles.

Is it possible to bike safely to music? Yes, it is. | Local Current Blog | The Current from Minnesota Public Radio blog.thecurrent.org/2019/04/is

My and news media friends on the Masthead.social instance would appreciate this. One of my clients is , where you can a ”publish” your own and enjoy . They recently arrived on Oahu. As the name suggests, the theme is based on famous newspapers around the country. If you haven’t tried them yet they are located in and I highly recommend giving them a try. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the homage to the industry and the good pizza!

Watching future millionaires’ club (aka NCAA basketball tournament) on TV. Go Carolina!

Federation report: in the last hour, mastodon.host received 10986 toots from 471 instances. We can see at the moment 58.58% (61.91% excluding mstdn.jp) of the network statuses and are connected to 6746/5394 known instances.

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