Because breaking into is hard, we approached five experienced editors to get their advice, including seasoned data journalists @Ashley_J_Kirk and @ChElm: —@[email protected]

What does sound like? Instead of , try representing your stories through with TwoTone. It's a straightforward tool for turning your dataset into music: —@[email protected]

Creating in greyscale before adding colour forces you think clearly and prioritise the right aspects of your visualisation. Here's 4 other reasons why you should design without first: —@[email protected]

From @ICIJorg's 'papers' investigations, to stories like The Migrant Files, great data journalism is increasingly shaped by cross-border collaboration. Help advance the space by participating in @JWI_Berlin's research survey: @eijcDataharvest —@[email protected]

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Deadline to apply: 1st of April

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While most produce stories by exploring databases, a new form of journalism is emerging where databases are the product. Think @ProPublica's Dollars for Docs or @correctiv_org's German equivalent. Help us share others in our next newsletter: —@[email protected]

Unfortunately for us data journalists, it’s easy for our arsenal of numbers and statistics to support untruthful storytelling. But, thanks to @firstdraftnews, we've got your questions on overcoming and covered: —@[email protected]


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