A recent history of financial leaks published by @bbcworld
misses a lot. Missing are all the releases:

(which was even UK based!)

And (leak from Cayman National bank in the British Crown dependency Isle of Man)

Also the 2020 Bahamas Leak eic.network/projects/tax-evade

Also the Cook Islands registry

So about 4 separate financial leaks courtesy of us adding up to about ~3 TB of data ... bbc.com/news/business-41877932 To only focus on ICIJ stories is false.

Unicorn Riot has used the documents we released as from the corporate registry, to tell the story of Blackwater's Eric Prince, his sister Betsy DeVos, and their family's business dealings with Trump and other dictators: unicornriot.ninja/2020/leaks-e

"If it were up to the Quandts, the existence of their companies in the would never have come to light. Susanne Klatten & Stefan Quandt ...neither of them is prone to bombast or showing off. The siblings generally have a reputation of being responsible corporate citizens. But last week, BMW drew criticism for issuing a dividend of €700m to the Quandt heirs in the midst of the pandemic, which has seen the furlough of thousands of its workers." From spiegel.de/international/datab

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Research partners dug into the Bahamas corporate registry documents published by DDoSecrets and found BMW shareholders, fossil fuel mega-corporations and sports figures with companies registered in the Bahamas for . Anyone can still contribute to the research on this dataset by typing out parts of the records: xray.ddosecrets.com/

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is a collective experiment in crowdsource investigation of the tax haven . eic.network/projects/tax-evade The investigation was coordinated by European Investigative Collaborations with Germany's Der Spiegel and the Henri Nannen investigative journalism school in Hamburg.


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