Welcome! Make yourself at home. Luxuriate, only briefly, at the tantalizing potential of a blank page. Then get started:

1. Toot an introduction with the hashtag. Who are you? Where are you? What do you do?

2. Set up your profile. Show us your lovely mug. Add topic hashtags to your bio to be listed in our directory. Add links to your other profiles.

3. Follow some people. You can check the member directory, scan the or topical hashtags, and browse the posts in the local and federated timelines.

4. Join the conversation, or even better, start one! What are you working on today? What's the best thing you've read watched or heard recently?

5. Explore! Did you know you can follow people on other Mastodon instances? Try the search feature, or browse the federated timeline. Did you know there are mobile apps for every platform? Just search for Mastodon clients, and login with your account here (@[email protected]).

Do you know someone who would make an excellent addition to best head? You can send invitations to get them in the door! Just check your settings menu!

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