Breakfast! This is the Portuguese sausage, eggs and rice platter from McDonald's. What does your local McDonald's sell that's special to your region?

@editor Ours is a very sad version of pancakes, sausage, and processed scrambled eggs.

@editor No, no!
That has food in it.
My local McDonalds doesn't serve that :-)
OK, they serve sandwiches for breakfast with egg and ham or sausage.

@gemlog LOL. We have McMuffins, McGriddles and pancakes as well!

@editor And it's all so horrible. i feel guilty, like a society traitor whenever I go there.
But I do. It happens.

@gemlog I feel the same way about Taco Bell. I start to hate myself before I even get my food.

@editor In canada taco bell and kfc are the same store. I only tried taco bell once in my life. It was a wheat burrito with sugary beans and I forget. Never went back. Not food.

@editor 日本語はありますか?Just based on your family name.

@gemlog 私の父親の家族は日本人で、私は半分日本人です。But I'm Chinese/native Hawaiian on my mother's side.

@editor Wow! You are so lucky!!
Do you have canto or mandarin?

@gemlog I'd have to dig out my grandmother's geneology chart to answer that question! I do know my father's side is from Yamanashi.

@editor I just meant what you spoke.
I have only english.
I was born in the uk and emmigrated to a (mostly) english speaking country. I feel a bit ripped off actually.
I try to read other languages, but I fail at any language not latin/greek. So, I'm out on e.g. kanji.

@gemlog Ah. I see. I can understand and speak a very small amount of Japanese, and no Chinese. I took three years of Hawaiian in college.

@editor Ja Ja! The very idea that a college would even offer Hawaiian here :-)
Mind you, they don't even offer any of our local languages either.

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