Okay. (Gulp.) Here's my take on a "Mastodon 101" introductory video! Fifteen minutes is a bit long, but you can skip the first half if you just want the 'toot-torial' for the software. Would love your thoughts, and pass it on if you think it's actually useful! Thanks to @Gargron and @ashfurrow, with shoutouts to @socrates @matt @woozle @Curator and @tootapp!

@editor @Gargron @ashfurrow @socrates @matt @woozle @Curator @tootapp
That was extremely well done and presented. I watched all of it. Very professional. Well written, thought out, and performed.

@gemlog @Gargron @ashfurrow @socrates @matt @woozle @Curator @tootapp Thank you so much! I hope the background noise wasn't too distracting. There's no scenic spot without other people in urban Honolulu!

@editor @Gargron @ashfurrow @socrates @matt @woozle @Curator @tootapp
I didn't even notice any noise. Was just focused on you talking and the graphics - and I'm wearing headphones, so it couldn't have been much.

@gemlog @editor @Gargron @matt @woozle @Curator @tootapp "maybe you want to hang out with other nerds, so you can sign up for" 😂 This is exactly the aesthetic I've been going for ❤️

@ashfurrow @editor @Gargron @matt @woozle @Curator @tootapp
I know that was a reply to a list of names Ash, but for my part I don't think I can assemble a smarter or more diverse bunch of people to follow than I already follow.
I think it's not too important just which instance one is on as long as it's reliable and instances are numerous :-)

I put it in my profile, so I don't lose track of it and I have a good way to explain masto to ppl.
(I untagged everyone else - that's sort of irritating default behaviour to many ppl)

@gemlog Glad you found it useful. As for the continued tagging of mentions, it was the default behavior of the @tootapp, at least!

@editor Well, one person complained, so...
Mind you, there is "Mute Conversation" available on each post, so it doesn't really require a request or any co-operation.
I think masto is wonderful.
I never used fb or twit for philo reasons, but I can't get enough of all the good ppl I 'meet' on masto.
I pretty much never leave my home timeline. So much to read.

@gemlog To each their own. I do lurk but they're among the stricter instances I've seen in terms of rules and protocol. Half the local timeline is CW'd. I feel bad for ruffling feathers!

@editor I only know like one person on there. A librarian and she barely uses it, instead preferring another instance.
I really don't get why ppl get hung up with choosing a home instance with particular 'theme'.
My home instance is in germany and that's my worst language to read. It simply doesn't matter, because you can follow people all over the fediverse as you pointed out. I think the email analogy works for non-geeks?
You might have mentioned lack of ads and manipulation specifically?

@gemlog I didn't, I think a lot of the explainers out there present Mastodon as "anti-Facebook" and "anti-Twitter," so that territory is well covered. I wanted to explain why you'd choose to use it, rather than try to motivate people by harping on the sins of the big players (who, frankly, aren't going anywhere soon)!

@editor That's a good point. I thought it was a gap, but now I agree with your decision.

@gemlog It is also a gap! But even I was surprised it clocked in at sixteen minutes. If I covered everything I liked about Mastodon it would have been half an hour, easy!

@editor I did recognize that was another consideration.
I'm a horrible geek.
Ask a geek for the time and they'll explain how to build a watch...

@gemlog I imagine we all have our "well actually" topics. I was once hardcore Linux and wondered why anyone wouldn't use a free, infinitely configurable operating system. I decided I liked having time better and settled on off-the-shelf Macs.

@editor Well, I'm not going down that road tonight, but it does remind me of that old Linux Air story :-)
It saves me work and bother supporting my friends.
In any case, I wish I had a way to promote your video more. Even if I had more followers, I'd still be preaching to the choir as it were.

@gemlog Your enthusiasm made the whole enterprise worthwhile. I do appreciate it!

Well, unless I happen to pop off and join the choir invisible, I follow you and I'm not going anywhere!
I look forward to your future works! :-)

@editor Nicely done. Great use of local sweet potato spot!

@editor @Gargron @ashfurrow @socrates @matt @woozle @Curator @tootapp really enjoyed the video and you did a great job in explaining the aspects of Mastodon and it’s uses.

@JBaileyPrime @Gargron @ashfurrow @matt @woozle @Curator @tootapp Thank you! The worst feedback I've gotten so far is that it is long, but I covered exactly what I felt should be covered. Hope it helps people new to Mastodon and the fediverse!

@editor For those, could probably split the video out into its separate parts.

@JBaileyPrime Good point, the video does have discrete segments. I do have a hint at the start to say you can skip eight minutes in if you just want to get into the UI.

@editor Just for privacy concerns; could we opt out of using link shorteners? There's no need for that on the Fediverse.

@[email protected] @editor The Qvitter frontend for GNU social has an option to unwrap these to display the actual URL since they can be used to hide nefarious links.
@maiyannah @jalcine @editor Modern GNU Social displays the true destination on mouseover (and even if a shortURL is used in a GS post, it links directly to the destination).

@lnxw37a2 @maiyannah @editor @jalcine 1) mouseover breaks on touch devices (which have got to be a huge percentage on Mastodon), and 2) having a middleman serve redirects raises privacy and linkrot concerns

@editor @Gargron @ashfurrow @socrates @matt @woozle @Curator @tootapp Thanks for making this video! Wonderful to be able to send something like this to friends to encourage them to sign up for the #fediverse :)

@socrates Happy to try and help. You can also easily mute notifications from conversations:

@editor Yes, but that option only seems to be available after I have replied

@jared @Gargron @ashfurrow @matt @woozle @Curator @tootapp Thank you! I made it for less technical folks and I'm sure I messed up some of the technical points. But I think the fediverse is worth sharing with everyone!

@editor This was masterful, Ryan. Really like how well you laid this out. One of the best explanations I've seen. Also appreciate your teaching spirit! I shared it on Twitter as well, though my reach is a bit better here haha.

@editor (loved seeing your shout out to our instance too, and my artwork--the .art mastodon image--in the video as well ^_^ )

@ScribbleAddict [email protected], Christopher! I was aiming for reaching non-technical people. I may have bungled some of the finer points but I'm happy with how it turned out for helping bring Muggles up to speed!

@editor I'm no programmer myself. From my understanding, it made perfect sense and laid it all out. Hoping it appeals to some who might be interested/on the fence about social media alternatives.

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