@editor Virtually any, unfortunately. I'm on a quest to find the best pie on the planet. So far, at home in Georgia, it's a hometown joint in Hogansville serving huge, sturdy crusts topped with fresh mozzarella, veggies, and local sausage. Worldwide, the honey-drizzled caribou sausage with pepperoni from Alpine Glow Wood Fired Pizza in Haines, AK, is an all-time favorite. You?

@markmcelroy Confession: I was just testing to make sure pineapple didn't come up. We have decent pizza in Hawaii, but nothing to write home about. Two chains, Pieology and Pizza Press, are good. My top pizza right now is The Sun, minus the pineapple (thepizzapress.com/signature-me). But I also like Boston's, which serves basic, floppy New York style slices with a heavy Boston accent.

@editor @markmcelroy it better have pineapples, I swear if you are one of those people who hate those who have pineapple on their pizza; whenever I eat my pineapple pizza, I will frown scornful at the thought of this.

@andeluuu @markmcelroy Ha! You can put whatever you like on pizza, just don't call pineapple on pizza "Hawaiian." I also don't call it very good, but hey, diff'rent strokes!

@editor @markmcelroy Hey, if it looks like chicken, and taste like chicken.....

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