I hate going to bed at 11, waking up at what feels like 4am, but finding out it's only midnight. Tomorrow, get here faster!

@oros I used to be a night owl but now in my mid-40s I get sleepy past 10 and crave naps all the time. End result of naps though is being up at 3:45 am, posting to Mastodon!

@editor Hahaha...check my previous posts. Was asking for insomnia advices lol.

@editor sounds like you need the start of Daylight Saving Time every day 😋
I’m upset about my lost hour of sleep this morning 😑

@Lynn We don't observe DST so find the twice yearly wobblyness to be quite amusing. Downside is that for us, standing appointments with most everyone on the mainland shifts around. And morning conference calls usually get even earlier. 8am EDT is 2am HST!

@editor Im originally from Hawaii, so I’m familiar with life without DST. And I’m still mad most of the mainland observes it 😝

@editor This happens to me times I'm tempted to just wing it and make coffee.

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